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Developpers new favourite language!

The world of development is constantly evolving. Everyone knows this and it's a boon for developers who will never get bored as well. You should know that the different development languages ​​are the toys of any self-respecting developer. In this context, one of the most prized languages ​​and having an excellent rating currently is ruby. If you have never heard of it, now is the time to listen, because all startups are now tearing it off, and this is understandable given the many advantages provided by this language.

What is it ?

Before you can adopt and understand this tool that is ruby, it is essential to know its basics. To this, one must know that ruby ​​is a language that was used to write ruby ​​on rails, the framework. In this context, ruby ​​is a programming language already interpreted, multiparadigm and object oriented. Its purpose is to facilitate the development process for all developers. Obviously, the result will always be innovative, efficient and in line with the needs of all entrepreneurs. We also note several implementations at the level of Ruby going with several platforms. There is the MRI, the JRuby, the MacRuby as well as the Rubinius which represents the future of the language that is constantly evolving.

Many advantages ?

Of course, the language is great, but the framework is even more. Indeed, Ruby on Rails or ROR has advantages of its own making it truly attractive. To this, it is necessary to know that the work is always structured if you choose ROR offering thus a better organization of the work. With the possibility of migrations, it will also be possible to change the structure as well as the contents of the database. In all, rails offers 3 specific environments during development greatly facilitating the work. There is the environment for development, testing and production. Of course, ror is a secure tool that always guarantees a good dose of security to all its members.

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